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Special Offer – 1 Month Free

    Special Offer: We are currently offering one month free to try our Football Play Card app. All you need to do is enter promo code GETREADY when you sign up for a subscription plan on our website

    4 thoughts on “Special Offer – 1 Month Free”

    1. Just inquiring about your software; I’m currently trying your 7 day or hopefully 1 month free trial. But i’m wondering if there is anyway to add a 12th player into the formation as I coach in CANADA and we play 12 man ball on a longer and wider field. Can your program allow me this modifications ?


    2. I really love your product and want to purchase a subscription but I’m trying your 7 day trial now and I’m having difficulty with a couple things.

      1. When I go to flip a play card, the drawing I’ve made get deleted, even on a saved card. So when I try to flip the play at practice it just disappears.

      2. I’m having a hard time organizing the plays, namely because I can’t delete folders in play scripts. It would be great if you could make organizing folders by opponent and year easier, Hudl has a great system for storing game film if you can use that as an example. On that note, enlarging the font to make it easier to click on would be appreciated.

      3. There is no drawing for a motion. It should have an option of the two lines present plus a zig-zag line to represent motion before a play. I should also be able to change the type of line mid-play ( to show motion ending and play beginning).

      Hopefully you can reassure me on these things, maybe it is just an issue with the trial?

      I appreciate your time.

      1. Hi Coach Blue,

        Great questions. Everything that you have brought up is currently being worked on or is on our roadmap to work on within the next few weeks.

        1. At the time we implemented the drawing tools, it was going to take us a few weeks to create the algorithm to flip all of the drawings and we felt it was more important for us to deliver additional features that spin our wheels on this. I am excited to to let you know that we with some enhancements we added in the previous releases, it has laid the groundwork for us to flip the drawings with less development cost. This is currently being worked on and will be out in the release after next, so about 2-3 weeks.

        2. For organizing plays, we made our organization structure flexible in that you can name your folders and play scripts however you would like so you can organize however you want to. The way we have seen most of our users organize their plays is by naming the folder “Week 1 vs “Team Name” and then inside of the folders, the scripts are named for their days and periods, ie: Monday – 7on7. Some coaches have organized their folders that way in addition to having folders and scripts for base plays that they can reuse and save to their weekly folders and scripts. The ability to delete play cards, folders, and scripts is on our backlog and will be added within the next 3-4 weeks. We can look into enlarging the font or making the clickable area larger also.

        3. We agree. This is already on our roapmap and is scheduled to be to worked on after the items above as well as our import a play script feature and automatically draw the defensive coverage lines feature.

        I would love to have a quick call with you to understand how you are currently organizing your play cards to see if we can help you in the meantime as well as possibly clean up any unused folders and scripts. Please email me at so we can schedule the call.

        Chris Patullo
        Owner & CEO

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