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Use your own terminology when creating play cards

    Teams use different terminology to identify their offenses and defenses, so why should you have to learn a new system to use our app? We didn’t think you should have to either. That’s why Football Play Card has the ability to change the names of all personnels, formations, fronts, and coverages so that the app uses your team’s verbiage to create play cards.

    Steps to update the terminology in the app

    1. Select Terminology from the dashboard or the side menu
    2. Select personnel, formation, front, or coverage
    3. Then select the name you would like to change
    4. Add your own terminology
    5. Select the save button to lock in your changes

    Football Play Card - Terminology

    Log in now to update the terminology of your personnels, formations, fronts, and coverages to match your team’s and to check out all of the latest functionality and enhancements.

    Football Play Card - Login

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