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Use Folders and Play Scripts to organize your football play cards

    Organization is key to being a great coach or player. The ability to quickly locate plays for meetings and practices is easy using Folders and Play Scripts in Football Play Card. Play card organization is flexible so you can save play cards in a way that makes most sense to you. You can store all run plays in one folder and all pass plays in another and further separate play cards using scripts for each run or pass concept. You can also use folders to save play cards for each opponent and use scripts for each period in practice.

    Steps to create Folders and Play Scripts

    1. Select Folders & Play Scripts from the dashboard or from the side menu
    2. Select the Create New button
    3. Enter the name of the Folder, ex: Week 1 – Wildcats
    4. Enter the name of the Play Script, ex: Tuesday – Team

    Football Play Card - Create Folders and Play Scripts

    Football Play Card - Folders and Play Scripts

    Steps to add play cards to Folders and Play Scripts

    1. While viewing/editing a play card, select Save -> Play Card
    2. Select a Folder (you can save a play card directly to a Folder by not selecting a Play Script)
    3. Select a Play Script
    4. Select the Save button

    Football Play Card - Folders and Play Scripts


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