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New Play Card Field Layouts and Templates

    At Football Play Card, we are constantly meeting with coaches at all levels to help shape our app to best meet their needs. With the latest version of Football Play Card, we added new play card field layouts for High School/Youth, College, and Pro that have correctly spaced yard lines, numbers, and hash marks. When creating new play cards for your playbook or practice, you can quickly select one of the new play card field layouts. You can also update your Field Layout preferences within the Settings menu.

    Football Play Card initially started off as an app to help coaches quickly draw scout cards for practices. As our app evolved, our coaches are using it in more ways to help them save time and be more efficient. With all of the added features, coaches began using it on the field to call plays for 7 on 7 games and tournaments and also use Football Play Card to create their playbooks for their players. Many coaches who have embraced the benefits of technology are using Football Play Card to display their plays to players on their phone or tablets at practice to help increase player learning. Check out the screenshots below of the new High School/Youth, College, and Pro field layouts.

    High School Field LayoutFootball Play Card - High School Field Layout - Offense

    College Field LayoutFootball Play Card - College Field Layout - Defense

    Pro Field LayoutFootball Play Card - Pro Field Layout - Defense


    Scout Card Field LayoutFootball Play Card - Scout Card Layout - Offense

    Football Play Card - Scout Card Layout - Defense

    Field Layout SettingFootball Play Card - Field Layout Setting



    Log in now at to try out the new High School/Youth, College, and Pro field layouts and to check out all of the latest features and enhancements. This new functionality will be available in the iOS and Android mobile apps soon.

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